Portable mp3 players. mp3 player review, prices and comparison.

Portable mp3 players
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What need to look when buying an MP3 player?
  • Built-in memory. This is a big deal, especially for MP3 players without the ability to add more memory.
  • Expandability. Let's say you bought an MP3 player with 64MB of built-in memory, and it fills up. Many players have slots that allow you to expand their memory many times over. Sometimes this may be more cost-effective than buying an MP3 player with a large amount of built-in memory that isn't expandable.
  • Bit rate. This number may not always be advertised, but you want one that will play high bit-rate MP3s if you can find it. 128kbps would be a low bit rate, 256kbps or above would be high.
  • Bundled software. Make sure this will work with your computer.
  • Size/weight.
  • If you're looking for one to use while exercising, you may want to avoid the ones with internal hard drives at this point in time. The constant jostling and possibility (probability) if you dropping the player is high, and could damage a unit with a hard drive more easily than those without.
  • Interface. Try it out if you can. Make sure the interface and controls are intuitive for you

Panasonic SL-J900
the Type of the carrier: a CD - MP3; an antishock for MP3: 2 min; Functionality of a player the Function of a dictophone: is not present ...
mp3 player Panasonic SL-J900
  Hyun Won M-Any DAH610-128
the Type of the carrier: Flash, built-in memory on 128 MB; possibility of connection to the PC: USB; Functionality of a player the Funct ...
mp3 player Hyun Won M-Any DAH610-128
Sony D-NE711
the Type of the carrier: a CD - MP3; Power supply of a player Accumulators or battery: 2xAA; the network adapter: support; a maximum bur ...
mp3 player Sony D-NE711
  Sony D-NE509
the Type of the carrier: a CD - MP3; Functionality of a player the Function of a dictophone: is not present; an equalizer: support; ...
mp3 player Sony D-NE509


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